The point of life

It’s something everybody thinks a lot about. What is the point of it all if you are still unhappy? When a question hits – what would you differently – you should always strife for an answer like this: „I wouldn’t change anything“. Because that is the best indicator of how happy you are. If you are feeling down and you have nowhere to go and nowhere to walk, no finish line that you want to cross, your life is empty shell that nothing will fill as much as you yourself would. However, if you are living the best life right now, you know that your time spent here on Earth is well spent. If you are having fun wasting time, waste it! Don’t be afraid to admit that you didn’t work 24/7 for you to flex on instagram and all those posers that do nothing but work their bottoms off in order to buy a pricey car or a lavish manor somewhere in the big cities. To drive fast cars or to have everything in the world, that is no way to happiness. People soon find out that there is still something missing.


Sometimes, it can be just a quiet afternoon, when you will watch the waves of the sea go and leave again. Washing the shores of the Golden line of Spain endlessly, without getting tired, reshaping slowly the very Earth we walk upon. That is a good day spent, when you enjoy it. Or to cook a meal for your family and then go together on a walk to the nearest city. Or maybe enjoying a simple night with friends, that don’t care how much clout you have or how much money is in your bank account, or how much investments you make or whether you’ve been skydiving or whatever. These are very precious memories.


Riht now, the situation is bad. But you can still create these. Property for sale in Spain is right now as available as it will ever be. It means that there is a way to escape all that false life and finally start it anew. Somewhere really nice, where you can get the much needed break and inspiration.